Fire Suppression Services

Our NYC fireguard services will provide protocol that satisfies F.D.N.Y. safety regulations. They will patrol, inspect safety equipment and fill out weekly logs as the F.D.N.Y requires.

​New York City requires FDNY certified individuals in several circumstances; some circumstances include:

1)  All hotels and motels require FDNY certified personnel at all times.

2)  High-rise office buildings require FDNY certified personnel any time that there are 500 people in the building OR 100 people in the sub-grade levels OR above the 1st Floor.

3)  When sprinkler systems are not installed (i.e. construction sites)

4)  A fire guard must be on duty when the fire protection system in a building under construction is not working.

5)  Most construction sites:

  • Fire guards are required on construction, alteration and demolition sites when work is not in progress, except between the hours of 12 midnight and 8:00 AM.

(The number of fire guards required depends on the size and location of the field site. If the site fronts on one street, one fire guard is required for each 10,000 square feet or where the building exceeds 75 feet in height.)